22/11/2019 | Ingredients

Maximizing freshness: DSM expands bakery portfolio

Royal DSM has launched two new additions to its BakeZyme portfolio: BakeZyme Fresh XL and BakeZyme Master. Developed to address freshness challenges faced by bakers globally, these maltogenic amylase solutions enable the production of high-quality baked goods, such as on-the-go sandwiches and tortilla wraps, with improved, longer-lasting softness and sensory properties. “Our new maltogenic amylase solutions for the baking industry improve the resilience of baked goods,” comments Kjeld van de Hoef, Business Director for Baking at DSM.

BakeZyme Master prevents staling while improving the foldability of products like tortilla wraps. Bread staling is a complex process involving a combination of physical, chemical and sensory changes, making the product less appealing to consumers. Crumb firmness is the most widely used indicator of staling. DSM’s BakeZyme portfolio, in addition to its CakeZyme portfolio (for use in cake production), is designed to help manufacturers delay the onset of crumb firmness, preventing staling and keeping products fresh for longer, even while refridgerated. These properties enable the production of more consistent baked goods.