13/11/2019 | Ingredients

Eclipse Foods debuts ice cream that feels and functions like conventional dairy

Plant-based dairy brand Eclipse Foods is debuting in the US with an ice cream partnership with OddFellows in New York City and Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco. Eclipse says it “uses a blend of plants to replicate milk on a molecular level, creating a dairy replacement that tastes, feels and functions just like conventional dairy.” As consumers increasingly turn toward alternatives to traditional dairy, the company’s ice cream taps into a variety of trends, including clean label, vegan and free-from. The product is free from soy, nuts, coconut, gluten, gums and stabilizers, allowing it to access the lucrative clean label market.

“We founded Eclipse Foods because we want to make it easy for consumers to make sustainable, healthy and humane choices,” says Co-Founder Aylon Steinhart. “Plant-based foods that actually appeal to all types of eaters can and will change the world”.

Eclipse’s process of creating plant-based dairy involves common and sustainable ingredients like corn and cassava. With its first product, the company is using its milk to create a liquid ice cream base that spins in any type of ice cream machine and makes everything from soft serve to gelato.