16/10/2019 | Ingredients

Dirafrost launches cacao fruit puree for sugar-free sweetness and sustainability

Positioned as both a natural sweetener and a flavouring, Dirafrost’s new cacao fruit puree is made from the white pulp surrounding cacao beans – which are typically destined for chocolate production. Dirafrost is part of the Austria-based Agrana Group.

As the demand for cacao products rises, methods that utilize the whole of the cacao fruit are also growing. These are increasingly highlighted as the sustainable way forward.

After centrifuging the total content of the cacao fruit pod, the cacao beans are distracted from the white pulp surrounding them. The beans are destined for chocolate production, and the white pulp becomes the cacao fruit puree. The mashing (pulp) process consists of a specific and controlled heat treatment that provides the necessary microbiological guarantees without affecting the taste, nor the natural colour of the puree. This process ensures the puree’s purity, meaning it is free of additives, preservatives and added sugar.

The method also utilizes a part of the cacao fruit that is normally destined to become waste. In the normal chocolate creating process, about 70 percent of the fruit is typically discarded.