30/09/2019 | Packaging

Cardbox Packaging has received European Carton Excellence Award 2019

Cardbox Packaging has received the Innovations Award of European Carton Excellence Award. Cuckoo Ice Cream Vanille Barrique N° 1 attracts much attention especially from the material point of view. This premium sundae pack is made of bio-coated cartonboard with a soft touch finish, and not only impresses with its design but is also compostable according to EN 13412 due to the bio-coated materials used.

Cardbox Packaging, an international producer of high-quality cartonboard in the luxury and brand-name goods segment, received the ECMA Award 2019 in the “innovations” category at the Pro Carton Gala in Malta. Every year, the awards for special carton packaging are presented by the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers, in ten categories. There were two compelling packs for the innovation award and the jury decided that one award would be given for most innovative material and the other for most innovative piece of packaging.

The environmentally-friendly pack is just as exclusive as the special ice cream recipe which features vanilla from oak barrels. The brand owner of the packaging, Cuckoo Ice Cream, can present their product in this special piece of packaging to the consumers who can enjoy the treat with a clear conscience. Not only is the cup made from bio-coated cartonboard, but so are the lid and the paper seal. The Packaging was made up in cooperation with Valuepap as structural designer and Scandinavian company Stora Enso as cartonboard supplier.