16/09/2019 | Ingredients

Beet campaign begins: Nordic Sugar expects “significant drop” in yields in some drought-impacted regions

Danish sugar processor Nordic Sugar, a member of Germany’s Nordzucker Group, has begun the harvest and processing of sugar beets, referred to as its “beet campaign,” at its Polish plant. Nordzucker expects a similar level of overall earnings from this campaign as in the previous year, albeit with “very strong regional differences” due to low precipitation levels in Poland and Germany. The campaign will end in January 2020.

After rapid sowing at the beginning of April, sugar beet crops had good initial growth conditions in almost all regions, notes Nordic Sugar. However, as in the previous year, precipitation was low during the summer period in certain regions during the growing season. Large parts of the growing regions in Germany and Poland were particularly affected by the lack of rain. By contrast, sugar beet cultivation in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Slovakia were said to have performed well.

This year, Nordzucker will be focusing on the processing of organic beets into organic sugar. Towards this target, Nordzucker signed additional contracts with growers in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania last year.