18/07/2019 | Ingredients, Products, Trends

Nestlé invents dark chocolate from cocoa fruit – with no added sugar

Nestlé has created a new chocolate made entirely from the cocoa fruit, using only the beans and pulp as ingredients. The 70 % dark chocolate, to be launched in Japan this autumn, has been developed using a “natural approach” and patented technique which does not require adding any refined sugar. The company hails its invention as a “breakthrough idea” with huge potential. It continues to explore the possibilities of using the cocoa fruit in this way and is poised to innovate more products that provide a novel chocolate experience as more consumers seek natural and healthy options.

According to the company, it the first time that it has been able to use more of the cocoa fruit to make chocolate, unlocking the pulp potential. This allows for a single-source chocolate, without adding refined sugar, but still imparting a delightful sweetness. It is a breakthrough idea, since cocoa pulp has not been used in this way before on an industrial scale.

The first product will be introduced in Japan through Nestlé’s KitKat Chocolatory. Further products in other countries will follow next year, through some of Nestlé’s most popular confectionery brands. There is potential for the company to use the same process to make milk or white chocolate.