13/06/2019 | Ingredients

AAK launches a breakthrough chocolate bloom retarder

Cobao Pure is a new cocoa butter from AAK that delivers significantly improved bloom-retarding effects in all kinds of applications including milk and dark chocolate tablets, coated and filled products, and dark chocolate with nuts. It delays migration and heat-related bloom, extending the shelf life with between 50 and 400 %, depending on recipe, processing techniques and storage conditions. It is anticipated that the new ingredient will be particularly beneficial in the premium chocolate segment.

Milk fat is commonly-used as a bloom retarder but presents a number of challenges that Cobao Pure helps to solve. Unlike milk fat, for example, it will not change the sensory qualities of the end product or cause excessive softening. This means it is especially suitable for dark chocolate applications. It is also free from lactose and other allergens, providing an excellent option for the growing free-from category. Cobao Pure is a fully deodorized 100 % cocoa butter that is compatible with other cocoa butters and needs only to replace an amount of the existing cocoa butter in a recipe.