07/06/2019 | Hygiene, Packaging, Technology

Conference on new developments in surface sterilization and disinfection

An English language seminar entitled “Recent Advances in Surface Sterilization and Disinfection” is being held by the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) later this year. The seminar will cover the latest developments in the sterilization and disinfection of packaging materials, machine parts, and foods. It will take place on 28/29 November 2019 at the Fraunhofer IVV in Freising/Germany. There will be six seminar sessions with speakers from industry and R&D organizations covering topics of importance for the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The programme will include presentations on various physical methods for the sterilization or disinfection of surfaces such as gas plasma, UV-C radiation, and electron beam technology. There will also be presentations on antimicrobial packaging systems, guidelines for the validation of industrial cleaning and sterilization processes, and process monitoring using advanced sensor technologies. The event will also be an ideal platform for discussion and debate.