10/05/2019 | Industry, Technology

Vemag celebrate their 75th anniversary

Since 1944, Vemag Maschinenbau GmbH has been developing and producing machines and attachments for the food industry and small-scale segment. With constant focus on customer demanded solutions for filling, portioning, forming and loading of food products, the company has been able to advance to position 25 in the top rankings of German mid-size segment companies.

The company named Holz- und Gerätebaugesellschaft mbH was founded in Verden/Germany in turmoil of the penultimate year of the war, and in 1950 rebranded into Vemag Verdener Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH. The producer of diverse investment and consumable products, such as honey separators, has emerged into a globally active company and an innovation leader for vacuum technology. The development of the continuous vacuum filling machine for the mid-size and small-scale industrial segment, in order to fill and transport dough mass and sausage emulsion reliably and evenly, has been the key factor of success.

Yet, another mile stone has been the innovation of the double screw technology, a unique selling point of the company till today. The Double Screw Feed System handles the filling material with utmost care, reducing product losses and optimizing the total costs of the process through the stability of this proven technology. Different types of double screws, alternatively also rotary vane pumps, serve only one purpose: the combination of a vacuum filling machine and the matching attachment shall help the customers to succeed.