08/03/2019 | Packaging

Südpack launches packaging for rigid applications

Strong sealing properties, easy opening and high-opacity white colouring are characteristics of plastic film innovator Südpack’s new launch, the Smart Peel. The launch is suitable for PP-based packaging in a variety of geometric shapes. This includes bowls or trays, cups and buckets and applications including confectionery and bakery products. The product features are reflected in the name, notes the company: “Smart” stands for Safe, Minimal, All-round, Resistant and Thin.

Smart Peel’s resistance to punctures or tears ensures more reliability in the packaging process. The white colouring of the Smart Peel also eliminates the need for subsequent white printing and offers a strong background for printed designs. White colouring also offers advantages in terms of product quality: its opacity protects products from the effects of light and helps prevent spoilage, the company describes.