23/01/2019 | Ingredients, Trends

DSM unveils new branding for biogum ingredients

Royal DSM has unveiled new brand identities for its gellan gum and xanthan gum portfolios amid the growing demand for plant-based ingredients. DSM Hydrocolloids (DHC), the company’s hydrocolloids business, is seeking to strengthen its foothold in the industry with its knowledge in gellan gum, customer-led innovation and purpose-led strategy. The move marks the company’s steps to further expand its product portfolio and become a trusted biogum partner.

“With the trend towards natural, healthier and sustainable consumption, we have witnessed an accelerating shift away from ingredients produced via chemical processes towards those derived from natural processes such as fermentation based and natural extraction,” says Dr Jiang Weiming, DSM China President. “Biogums, given they are fermentation derived, have been a benefactor of this trend”.

DHC started with a focus on gellan gum and has gradually expanded its suite of biogum offerings. Biogums are considered clean label and have a natural image, hence, have been used to substitute off-trend hydrocolloids, such as Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and carrageenan. According to Dr Weiming, gellan gum has been used to partially replace gelatin as consumers are more frequently shifting towards vegan products.