30/11/2018 | Ingredients

Chr. Hansen expands its natural colours portfolio

Chr. Hansen has developed a “vibrant and minimally processed” red vegetable juice with colouring benefits, that can be labelled simply as fruit and vegetable juices, making it a clean label option. The new colour product, FruitMax reds, overcomes the “technical constraints” surrounding the creation of a stable and vibrant colour that come with naturally sourced red solutions, according to the company.

Available globally, the colours can be used in e.g. confectionery, water ice, bakery and bakery decorations. “Our FruitMax reds provide a stable, vibrant red shade without tending to create an off-flavor like red radish concentrates,” says Klaus Bjerrum, Executive Vice President, Natural Colours.

The shades fill the need in the market for a stable bright “strawberry” red hue that can be used in less acidic food products such as cakes. In this way, they are an alternative to synthetic red colors or carmine. They are more stable than red beet concentrates that turn brown when subjected to heat and are less pH-sensitive than other reds based on anthocyanins which are known to turn greyish at neutral pH.