06/02/2018 | Ingredients, Packaging, Technology

Mineral oil migration: Innovia Films provides video on testing process

Innovia Films produces a range of films that offer up to three years barrier to mineral oil migration. This is a subject that has received a lot of media coverage over the last few years and is a complicated topic, as there are many different opinions, tests and data for a packaging technologist to consider.

Innovia Films has received a lot of enquiries around this subject in particular questions about the testing process. In an effort to dispel some of the mystery Innovia has produced an in-depth video on the subject which explores the testing that they have conducted and the conclusions determined from the results. The video can be found on Innovia Films website:

In the video, Neil Hudson, Team Leader Chromatography, and Gary O’Connor, Chromatography Analytical Leader within the Research & Development team at Innovia Films, cover testing methodology, choices of simulants and additional validation tests undertaken. Both the chromatography experts have been working in this area for the past six years and have co-written the peer reviewed white paper on this subject in 2014.