08/07/2016 | Packaging

Cardbox Packaging opens new development centre

Cardbox Packaging, manufacturer of folding cartons for the luxury and brand name product sector, is setting up a new development centre for creative PoS packaging concepts at the company’s business location in Pinka­feld, Austria. The combination of the very latest print finishing and coating processes can produce innovative pack­aging solutions for product launches – as exemplified by the “Packaging Football” for the 2018 World Cup tournament.
All of the group’s de­velopment activities will now be bundled together here, effective immediately. Three packaging developers are responsible for new packaging concepts. In addition, successful packaging solutions are further optimised by new print finishing and coating processes. The team is supported in this work by local developers at the company’s branch operations in the cities of Wolfsberg in Austria’s Kärnten region and Zádverice in the Czech Republic.