20/05/2016 | Packaging

Thimm and Cone Pal seal their strategic partnership

The Thimm Group and palette specialist Cone Pal Vertriebsgesell­schaft from Nuremberg started in 2016 with a partnership for the exclusive production and marketing of corrugated cardboard palettes. The innovative Cone Pal provides an economic alternative and complement to common palettes made from wood or plastic. Distribution is Europe-wide and in selected overseas markets.
The corrugated cardboard Cone Pal palette is characterized by its high load-bearing capacity and stability at a low weight. For example, it weighs less than 20% of the unladen weight of wooden carriers. When empty, the corrugated cardboard carriers can be stacked into each other. This ability to nest saves up to 60% volume in the logistics chain, in particular during transport and storage, compared with conventional palettes. This reduces both the costs and handling for distributing goods along the whole supply chain. The corrugated cardboard palette is suitable for roller conveyor use and can also be used as a stacked intermediate goods store to simplify picking and logistics processes. Users value the high ergonomics and work safety when handling the palette.
Cone Pal also meets the constantly rising hygiene requirements and can be ideally used in the supply chain for distributing food. The corrugated carriers are very well suited to exports as they are resistant to pest infestation and do not require additional treatment pursuant to IPPC or ISPM 15 (additional treatment for wood palettes in international transport).
And from an ecological perspective, the carriers are persuasive since they are 80% made from recycled ­paper. As a single-material solution, at the end of the product life cycle the materials are again added to the recycling loop. Cone Pal palettes are available in the usual module dimensions on the market. But customized products can also be realized for ­special customer requests and in the future individual printing will also be possible. The corrugated cardboard palettes can be used in one-way, multiple use and pool systems.