23/11/2015 | Packaging

The new Doy Zip bag from Bosch

For nut, chocolate and confectionery manufacturers, Bosch Packaging Technology has presented at FachPack the fastest vertical Doy Zip bagger on the market. The new SVE 2520 DZ vertical bagger produces up to 100 high-quality Doy Zip bags per minute with maximum output per square meter and high return on investment (ROI). The machine is based on Bosch's well-proven SVE platform and provides high-quality output within a compact, six square meter footprint, fitting easily within manufacturing lines. Its continuous-motion operation is coupled with a unique, patent-pending zipper applicator that en­ables high-speed production and ­ultimately a lower cost-per-bag for ­increased ROI.

The machine offers seven different bag styles: pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal, full corner, 3-sided, and doy, with various reclosure options, including zipper. Premium quality and the attractive shape of Doy Zip bags help drive greater visibility and consumer preference for food products at the point-of-sale.

The standability of the bag protects the contents for future consumption as well as allowing for easy opening and reclosing, features that further contribute to consumer convenience and enhance brand loyalty. By being able to vertically form, fill and seal, the machine has also been engineered for easy operation, main­tenance and maximum flexibility. Changeovers from pillow to Doy Zip take as little as 45 minutes. Manufacturers can visit to learn more about Bosch’s technology and request a sample bag.