30/09/2022 | Ingredients

Malaysia targets thousand hectares for cocoa replanting by 2023

Malaysia is seeking to increase its overall cocoa output, with the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities setting a target for the cocoa replanting project to reach 1,000 ha by 2023. According to the Deputy Minister, Datuk Willie Mongin, the project has successfully replanted 700 ha with cocoa since its inception. This includes 150 ha in Sarawak, 350 ha in Sabah and 200 ha in peninsula Malaysia.

As the Sarawak Super Cocoa Training course recently came to an end, Datuk Willie Mongin said: “If the project is successful, definitely the cocoa replanting prospects will be better in future. With the progress made by the Cocoa Development Board, a lot of technology and also pesticides will assist the farmers in preventing or combating the cocoa plant diseases with good planting and maintenance practices as well, thus providing good returns for the farmers.” The Deputy Minister also encouraged cocoa farmers and producers to partake in the production of cocoa products, such as cocoa powder and chocolate bars, that could prove more lucrative than the raw commodity alone.