04/06/2019 | Ingredients, Packaging

Ilapak launches “ultra-hygienic” packaging machinery to avoid food allergens

In a bid to decrease contamination risk and reduce food allergen-related complications, Ilapak has launched a new ultra-hygienic bagmaker and flow wrapper. The industrial wrapping machinery manufacturer has created Vegatronic 6000SD, which offers “dramatic” reductions in operating costs as well as increased overall equipment efficiency (OEE). In addition, the machine is compliant with the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) strict sanitation performance standards.

The company has experience in designing form, fill, seal equipment for operation in high-risk environments. This project has enabled it to identify the design principles that need to be adhered to if equipment design is to support the food industry’s increasingly rigorous approach to cross-contamination avoidance.

The development of Vegatronic 6000SD was instigated by concerns over cross-contamination on production and packaging lines, following a number of incidents linked to unlabelled allergens in food products. Food and ingredient manufacturers and packers are realizing that the stakes for undeclared allergens infiltrating supply chains are too high, particularly where free-from foods are concerned.