10/04/2019 | Industry, Ingredients, Technology

Lesaffre Baking Center aids customers in complete industrial scale-ups

Lesaffre has officially opened its first Baking Center that is fully dedicated to industrial customers, where tests can be run at full scale. Located in the south of Vienna/Austria, the new centre features state-of-the-art technology on a floor area of over 600 m², which enables thorough testing of technical products and machinery ranges.

“This Baking Center brings ease and convenience for an industrial scale-up,” says Antoine Baule, Lesaffre’s CEO. “The fact that you can choose your new product on this line and then when you go to industrial scale you can launch your product without disruption will help industrial bakers a lot. Customers will go back to their plant with a design, formula and way to run the line, which will already be tested at a large scale. That will reduce the risk of line disruption and cost of development on their own line.”

The choice of machines and the layout make it possible to produce a wide range of products (Kaiser rolls, doughnuts, hamburger buns, sheet dough, co-extruded bakery products, frozen bread, etc.) in an industrial environment. Machinery will be renewed every three to four years to guarantee state-of-the-art technology on a consistent level.

The Baking Center, which came into operation at the beginning of this year, houses an ultra-modern experimental industrial bakery and meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 30 people. The site is positioned as “the interface between technology, innovation and inspiration that combines decades of expert knowledge with state-of-the-art technology.”