07/11/2018 | IT/Logistics

SpecPage announces investment from Credit Suisse via SVC

SpecPage, a global leader of innovative product lifecycle and product data management process solutions for formula-based food and beverage manufacturers, will partner with SVC Ltd. For Risk Capital for SMEs, an investment vehicle of Credit Suisse in Switzerland. SVC promotes Switzerland as a centre for business while also allowing unique Swiss businesses to leverage their high qualitative standards in niche industries across the world.

Key benefits of the SVC Ltd. Credit Suisse investment include empowering the expansion of SpecPage’s international business systems. For nearly two decades, SpecPage has sought innovative solutions to help formula-based food and beverage manufacturers produce better quality products for less, while also streamlining and delivering exceptional data-driven results that allow producers in the food manufacturing industry to grow and sustain profitability.

Severin Weiss, founder and CEO of SpecPage, said, “With SVC Ltd. and Credit Suisse’s commitment to SpecPage, we will be able to accelerate our growth and strengthen our position as the leader in the global PLM and PDM software market. This investment will enable us to further prioritize digital transformation and deliver a speedy solution to clients who are trapped in predominantly spreadsheet-based processes.”

Didier Denat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SVC Ltd. and Head of Corporate & Investment Banking at Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd., comments: “As a niche player which already boasts some of the biggest global manufacturers among its clients, SpecPage is uniquely positioned for further growth. The company is a prime example of a Swiss SME pairing both world-class precision and innovation with true global expertise.”