11/01/2018 | Ingredients

Uelzena: millions invested in storage and production technologies

Uelzena Group continues to grow and to invest strongly. Following many months of planning, the first construction phase of the new high-rise storage warehouse, located directly next to the existing site's premises has begun.

The starting point for the modernization was the purchase of a neighboring lot where up until 2013 pickled vegetables had been produced. Within the framework of a strategic master plan, Uelzena was able to secure a large part of these premises a few years ago.

The new lot is the size of a soccer field; the high-rise storage warehouse to be built on half of the lot will be as high as 37 m. The new high-rise storage facility will offer room for approximately 13,000 pallets and is in the direct neighborhood of the main site of Uelzena Group. In the new storage depot up to 1,350 pallets may be handled per hour. Lack of space at the original premises is the reason for the EUR 17 m investment.

Investment and modernization does not end with the new premises next to the headquarters. Uelzena is also remodeling its drying technology.